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Food chain partnership

Providing the Basis for Healthy Nutrition.

What does it mean?

Food chain partnership entails a whole business philosophy: Together with our partners in the food value chain, Bayer CropScience strives to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Who are our partners?

Food chain partnership includes all players of the food value chain: from field to fork – as well as research associations, governmental authorities and non-governmental organisations.

What is the role of Bayer CropScience?

Bayer CropScience is an expert in the areas of crop protection and seeds. The company supports Integrated Crop Management (ICM) as an important approach for implementing Sustainable Agriculture. As a facilitator we proactively bring together the different partners to work on sustainable crop solutions.

What are the benefits?

We are convinced that food chain partnership helps to satisfy consumer demands in terms of choice, availability, price and constant high quality of the crops involved.

Where is the link to healthy nutrition?

Food chain partnership helps securing a daily availability of fresh produce at a high level of quality and thus provides the basis for a healthy nutrition.

Food chain partnership

Apples and bananas all year long? Peaches from Chile and olives from Italy? Carrots from your local farmer? A whole range of fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices?

Having a large variety of fresh produce at reasonable prices throughout the whole year is an established expectation amongst many consumers. Today’s “smart shoppers” are increasingly conscious about what they eat and where their food comes from. People in many countries have realised, that a well balanced and nutritional diet improves health and constitutes an integral part of their personal well-being.

Bayer CropScience facilitates food chain partnership

Meeting increasingly demanding consumer expectations provides a major challenge for the entire food value chain. Bayer CropScience, as one of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies, is fully committed to sustainable development in agriculture. Therefore we see our responsibility in supporting the players of the international food value chain to overcome these challenges and even exceed the expectations of their customers.

Our partners can rely on a strong Research & Development pipeline, an excellent portfolio of innovative crop protection products and vegetable seeds which we combine with different services to customer focused, pragmatic yet professional solutions: food chain partnership.

Food chain partnership leads to the implementation of integrated crop solutions

Besides innovative crop protection products, seeds and application technology, food chain partnership involves various Bayer CropScience services from seed to harvest and beyond:

Integrated crop solutions provide a large variety of high quality food at competitive prices during the whole year

Food chain partnership does not only help to satisfy consumer demands in terms of price and availability but also leads to a constant high quality of the crops involved.

Moreover, a close cooperation between partners leads to a level of transparency which enables the identification and systematic elimination of weak spots along the crop production process. This entails a continuous quality improvement and a retrieval of consumer confidence.

A large variety of high quality food constitutes the basis for healthy nutrition

International food scientists recommend that a well-balanced diet should include all major food groups. It is scientifically proven that “five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of heart diseases and even some types of cancer” (Produce for Better Health Foundation on ‘5 A Day’).

Food chain partnership can help to provide the basis for the required variety of complementary food.

Healthy nutrition is a key aspect of human well-being

Empirical studies have shown that people today are aware of the importance of variety in their meals not only for their health but also for their personal well-being. A nutritional diet is the key factor to feeling fit and being more energetic during the day (FoodTechnology: ‘Top 10 Global Food Trends’, April 2005).

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