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International teams – individual talent

One of the major strengths of Bayer CropScience is its truly international workforce of 20.700 employees worldwide. They blend their knowledge and experience across ethnic and geographical boundaries and provide for a unique mixture of approaches and backgrounds.

Bayer CropScience places great value on the successful combination of competence and attitude of all its employees. Naturally, they are qualified in their particular field of work, but they are also committed to our company values.

Bayer CropScience offers excellent career opportunities in a decentralized organization and a non-hierarchical working environment. Life-long learning and employee empowerment are part of our individual personnel development schemes.

An excellent skilled and committed workforce is the cornerstone of Bayer CropScience’s success. Laying the foundation for a sound start into a successful management career the company offers various international junior management training opportunities, e.g. our Marketing and International Business Studies (MIBS).

Crop Compendium

Crop Compendium

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